Snapshots of Youngstown Winter 2022

What are YOU doing to start the new year off right?

Upload 1 photo and be entered to WIN.

Two weekly winners will receive a $50 local gift card!

With a new year comes the chance for a new start. There are plenty of opportunities to try new things throughout Youngstown and Mahoning County this winter. Take a hike through the snow, check out a museum, or try healthy cuisine at a local restaurant. Participate in our Snapshots of Youngstown – Winter 2022 promotion.

Take a photo and share with us what YOU are doing to start the new year off right. You don’t have to be a pro—some of the best photos are of people just having fun! Each week YOU could be chosen at random to win a $50 local gift card. We’re talking places in the Youngstown area you’ll want to try in the new year, like The Bunker Southern Park, Steel Valley Brew Works, Bistro 1907 or Ely’s To Go, just to name a few.

Need ideas?

Follow our blog series for suggestions! We’ll talk about ways you can get active, expand your palate, and broaden your horizons.

How It Works

Take a photo of what you are doing to start the new year off right (take a winter hike, visit a museum, try healthy cuisine at a local restaurant, etc.). Submit your photo using the entry form for a chance to win. Continue submitting photos for more entries! Photos must be taken in Mahoning County.

Two winners of a $50 local gift card will be chosen each week, starting January 12 through February 21, 2022. Winners will be chosen at random and notified on Tuesdays. Multiple entries can be submitted, but winners are limited to winning one gift card.

Please participate safely, adhere to CDC Guidelines, and observe proper social distancing. Read Official Rules.