Before you pick up those school supply lists and cover up the grill, journey to some of the best markets in the Mahoning Valley, each stocked full with their own fresh fruits, veggies and locally crafted goods. Here’s a few you don’t want to miss before the end of summer.


@katehertzel_youngstownfleaYoungstown Flea

The Youngstown Flea is in its fifth season this year, with just three outdoor markets remaining for the summer and fall. Located next to the Covelli Centre in Downtown Youngstown, this Market for Makers is held once a month, featuring local and regional vendors. From 9am–3pm, shop things like repurposed furniture, vintage clothing, collectibles and handcrafted food. A free yoga session is held at every market, starting at 9am. Remaining Flea dates include August 15, September 12 and October 3. Visit the Youngstown Flea’s website for regular updates and current COVID-19 safety procedures.


Austintown Walk-Through Modified Market

austintownfm_austintownfarmersmarketSince returning for their summer market season on June 8, the Austintown Farmers Market has ensured that the safety of its vendors and visitors remains top priority. Hosted every Monday in Austintown Township Park from 5-8pm (5-6pm reserved for vulnerable population), this walk-through market features a variety of local and regional vendors selling things like fruit-infused lemonade, fresh veggies, maple syrup, natural soaps and more. Yoga sessions typically take place at the market ($5 donation suggested; bring your own mat), starting at 6pm. To keep both vendors and shoppers safe, masks are mandatory, with the exception of medical reasons or while eating/drinking. Not comfortable attending in person? You can preorder and prepay for items online. For market updates, follow the Austintown Farmers Market Facebook page, Instagram page or visit their website.


White House Fruit Farm

A trip to Youngstown just isn’t complete without a stop at White House Fruit Farm in Canfield. As one of the largest and finest farm markets in Ohio, White House Fruit Farm invites visitors to shop their wide variety of fruits, veggies, deli meats, cheeses, jams, ciders and fresh bakery items in the market. The Budgie Bird Barn is open Saturdays from 10am-3pm through the end of August. Bring the kids and enjoy this exciting, up-close feeding experience with the Budgie birds.


Molnar Farms

@kelly_justine_molnarfarmsEach summer, Molnar Farms in Poland fills to the brim with fresh, seasonal produce. Right now, Hungarian hot peppers are available by the bushel (try this recipe for Stuffed Hot Peppers) and the farm’s sunflower field is open for photo opportunities, as well as pick-your-own sessions. Along with locally grown fruits and veggies, the market at Molnar Farms also regularly features fresh baked goods, natural self-care and pet care products from Blush Spa and fresh-cut flower bouquets. The Springfield Ruritan Club is also at the farm every so often, selling their popular fair French fries (see more fair food vendors here). Right now, the farm is open Monday-Friday 9am–6pm and Saturday 9am–5pm. Follow Molnar Farms’ Facebook page for regular updates.


Haus Cider Mill

Haus Cider Mill in Canfield is yet another locally owned market in the Valley, offering all sorts of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Visit now for fresh-picked blueberries, early apples, peaches, sweet corn and tomatoes. Make sure to return in the fall for their popular fresh apple cider and Haus sauerkraut. Keep an eye on Haus Cider Mill’s harvest calendar or Facebook page for what’s in season.


Don’t miss your chance to visit one of the many markets in Mahoning County this summer! For more information about shopping in Youngstown and all things happening in Mahoning County, visit our website.

A trip to Youngstown, especially in the summer, just isn’t complete without a stop at one of the six Handel’s ice cream shops in Mahoning County. And this month, our beloved brand celebrates its 75th Anniversary! Celebrate with us by taking our special ice cream personality quiz.


@ashantillycream75 Years of Handel’s

On a hot summer day in July 1945, Alice Handel began serving ice cream out of her husband’s gas station in Youngstown, Ohio. Her first batches were made using old fashioned recipes with fresh fruit she picked from her own backyard. The flavors were an instant hit and today, Handel’s has grown to include locations in 10 states across the country, serving up over 100 flavors of ice cream and yogurt.


The Facts Behind the Flavors

Believe it or not, the same part of the brain that is responsible for food preference (the limbic lobe) is also responsible for your personality traits. Because of this, quite a few studies have actually shown a correlation between tastes in food and personality types. Do you think the same is true when it comes to our favorite Handel’s ice cream flavors?


@aloharitaTake the Quiz

Keep track of your points after each answered question. Once you’ve answered them all, add up your points and match your total with your ice cream flavor below!


Which adjective best describes your personality?

1 – Unpredictable

2 – Chill

3 – Flirty

4 – Confident

5 – Bold


Describe your perfect weekend.

1 – Booking a last minute long-weekend trip to another city

2 – Relaxing on the couch with a good book and can of Penguin City Beer

3 – Romantic date to dinner and the movies

4 – Discovering new wines at Mahoning County’s 5 wineries

5 – Going on a challenging hike through Mill Creek Park


What’s your ultimate vacation destination?

1 – Cabin in the woods

2 – Staycation with the family

3 – On a beach with your special someone

4 – Extended stay at a theme park

5 – Road tripping


What type of movies do you like to see?

1 – Comedy

2 – Mystery

3 – Romance

4 – Drama

5 – Action


Pick a color.

1 – Yellow

2 – Pink

3 – Purple

4 – Green

5 – Red


Your Ice Cream Flavor

5-9pts | Classic Vanilla

As a vanilla ice cream lover, you tend to be an impulsive risk-taker that prefers to rely on your own intuition more than logic when it comes to making decisions. You also have a knack for maintaining successful close relationships.


10-14pts | Strawberry Cheesecake Chunk

Strawberry and berry ice cream lovers in general tend to have Type B personalities – you’re easygoing, tolerant and introverted. You take time to reflect on your life and remain thoughtful of others. Time spent alone and with close family are most important to you.


15-19pts | Chocoholic Chunk

As a fan of chocolate ice cream, you’re most likely flirtatious and charming. While sometimes dramatic, you love to be the life of the party. Excitement and good vibes follow you wherever you go!


20-24pts | Mint with Oreo

Mint ice cream lovers are ambitious and confident. You know what you want and you aren’t afraid to argue with others to achieve it. You have zero tolerance for nonsense – some might even call you stubborn. Mint ice cream fans also tend to save money when they can.


25pts | Heavenly Hash

Fans of Heavenly Hash, AKA smooth chocolate ice cream blended with chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate chips and marshmallow ripple, are aggressive and engaging people. Although sometimes intense, you still have a knack for listening to others when they need it most. You also pride yourself in being goal-oriented and love indulging in the finer things in life.




You’ve taken our quiz (how’d we do?), now it’s time to go get some ice cream! Click here to find a Handel’s location near you.


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