I live here, didn’t think of it, a Stay-cation!

(Blog courtesy of Stacey Mack, Buckeye Review News)

Recently, I was looking tMCB-guide-cover-2015o plan my summer, which always involves some sort of vacation. Like others I’m looking for something that fits a tight budget. I was flipping through an Ohio based magazine thinking that closer to home would allow for a lower cost. Low-and-behold I find an ad for the Youngstown & Mahoning County Visitors Guide in the pages. I live here, didn’t think of it, a Stay-cation!

Handel'sWhat could it entail? Well if nothing else I’ve always said Youngstown has some of the best food. So I could visit all the places that my friends who live away always miss. Starting with C-Staples of course. Ending with Handel’s butter pecan. You could travel the world but the best rated ice-cream by National Geographic, USA Today, the Travel Channel and others is right here in our backyard.

When I lived away I would always brag that Youngstown had a “real” park not those curb lots like other places. Mill Creek MetroParks has over 4,400 acres and this past summer I found an area in it I’d never visited before, I bet there’s a whole lot more I could explore.

In alSteel Museumways hearing about when Youngstown thrived I think the Youngstown Historical Center of Industry & Labor is ideal to learn about the times of when the steel mills pulsed this city. Then a trip to the Butler Institute of American Art and the McDonough Museum of Art at YSU to see what creative minds near and far have come up with. Followed by a trip on another day to OH WOW! The Roger & Gloria Jones Children’s Center for Science & Technology to spark young minds and learning fun. Guess I better borrow a child to share this experience with.

Fwinery-from-videoor an adult ambiance there are six wineries in the area — SIX! What? Lots of entertainment coming to downtown also.

The Stay-cation is a new concept for vacationing that is taking off. It can involve biking, hiking, festivals, shopping, seeing a local game. It’s a great way to appreciate where we are. This summer I’m taking on my hometown.


To request a copy of our Visitors Guide to be mailed to you, click here, or download a copy.

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  1. dale jackson jr June 18, 2015 at 1:21 pm - Reply

    A great city

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